Tied up inspiring little people - Illustration by Brianfitzer for Usborne Publishing Atlas sticker book



Brian comes from a large Irish family of 2 brothers and 4 sisters, 2 dogs, 5 cats, 12 chickens and a sheep. From a very early age, he loved nothing more than to draw things. With very little paper available, he found other places to practice his art. Sometimes he would draw on walls or on the white bits of books or on freshly laid eggs or on clean white sheets he found on the clothesline. Not everyone agreed with his passion for art and very often his parents would hide his pens and crayons for days before he would rediscover them. When it was time to grow up and leave school he got a job beating dents out of cars and spray painting them and enjoyed that for a while until one day he saw someone do exactly what he wanted to do. While sitting in a café he saw an artist splashing paints on the wall and making a beautiful mess. The owner didn't get angry but paid the artist for his work!

The young artists talked for a while and Brian learned of a place where he could spend the next four years making art and sketching all day long. The National College of Art and Design in Dublin was that very place and so began his education in art. Now he paints and draws for fun! Also for Magazines, Picture books, Storybooks, Newspapers and Advertising, Branding and he also creates useful and informative Infographics on walls.

Brian continues to experiment and explore a variety media for the sheer enjoyment of expressing his imagination as an artist and illustrator.

Please feel free to contact Brian to discuss his potentially constructive contribution to your project .